"In the hearth of the center lies the Path"
GM Sam FS Chin

Zhong Xin Dao is the foundational essence of Chin Family I Liq Chuan designed by GM Sam F.S. Chin. It is not an actual step by step process but the physical-mental reference to ensure that your practice is on the right path.  Following the path is critical to embodying the art.

Philosophy and concepts are the way to uphold the approach to understand things. The method of knowing; the way to know. How to attain the neutral.  You must change with the change to know the truth, the reality. In order to change, you must be neutral. Neutral is, present, is formless, is emptiness, and is the balance point.

With the mental concept of nothing to learn and nothing to add or take away, one accepts the fact that at the moment they need only to realize and to recognize. Therefore, it is not a technique or form that we are training. It is the principles that we aim to recognize to see what it is.